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Bio-Pel™ Slow-Release technology is effective to repel Insects, Mite Fungi, Bacteria and Nematodes. The technology is labeled for most vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, greenhouse and field crops, landscape plants, bulbs and flowers.

Synergized selected essential oils captured in Bio-Pel™ technology for their slow releases are formulated to protect plants from:  

- Sucking insects such as Aphids, Thrips and Mites 

- Chewing insects 

- Nematodes

- Fungi and Bacteria

- Ants


• Above ground plants are dusted using conventional dusting equipment. The micro fine particles adhere to the plant by being trapped amongst the Trichomes by electrostatic attraction where they slowly release vapors in close proximity to the targeted insects. 


• Nematodes, soil fungi and bacteria are targeted by mixing of specific oils captured in Bio-Pel™ aggregates which are mixed into the soil before planting.

Tomato Plant
Plants in Boxes
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