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Disinfecting Buildings


Magnater Bethel  is a company that values consistency, quality, and service above all else. we give you  the highest standards in product  and service quality, delivery and flexible service options.  we are committed to exceptional service and products.

About Magnetar Bethel Pest Control

We deeply believe in: 


Uncompromising quality

We are accountable for ensuring quality is built into everything we do. Superior performance and quality ensure future trust and confidence in our services. 


Passionate customer care

Our customers come first .We believe that every interaction –internally and externally-is a customer interaction that demands professionalism and respect. We believe we can make a difference in the lives of our customers. We believe understanding our customers and listening to their unique needs ensure we deliver customer-focused pest control services

Fearless innovation

At Magnetar Pest Control, innovation is essential to create solutions aimed at increasing end-user productivity and profitability. We used breakthrough ideas to create solutions that bring real value to the customer and deliver enhanced financial returns to the company. 


Rapid continuous improvement

We are constantly striving for rapid continuous improvement; we are never satisfied. We are energized by change, and continuously thinking ahead and anticipating how we can better serve our customers. We are always examining how we can do it better, and engage constructively with those associated with the company to gain additional knowledge.

Magnetar Pest Control Values


Our behaviour define our success: 


We Demonstrate Integrity

Integrity is at heart of our relationships. We demonstrate integrity by trusting, respecting and empowering our employees, and operating every single day with authenticity, openness and reliability. We are each accountable for doing the right thing. We are actively involved as a company, and as individual employees, giving time and resources to contribute to the sustainability of the places in which we operate. 


We Tell The Truth

We are relentless in uncovering and sharing the truth and being honest with ourselves, our co-workers and clients. We maintain the highest standards, of professional and ethical practices.


We Respect The Individual

We treat others with dignity, and respect their individual feelings and contributions. We consider each other’s ideas and view points, and recognize our differences. We thrive under high standards, prospering when an individual grows and meets new challenges. 


We Promote Teamwork

We recognise that in almost every action we are part of a team, and through our collaborative efforts we align the workforce. We proactively engage others, which has a dramatic effect on productively and job satisfaction. We share best practices and ideas, and become involved early in decision-making. 


We Listen

We pursue and value each other perspective, and desire to learn about opinions different from our own. Through regular two-way communication, internally and externally, we encourage fresh ways to address business issue, and we make a better company.

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