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Cleaning with Water Pump


Ice Blasting

Learn how to use the power of ice to revolutionize cleaning. We have partnered with Coulson Ice Blast, the only manufacturer in the world to offer industrial cleaning machines that blast and clean with conventional ice cubes. This award-winning wet ice cleaning technology utilizes 95% less water than a traditional pressure washer without the need for environmentally harmful or expensive materials, making this system the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution on the market.

Change the way you clean!

Coulson Ice Blast is an innovative wet and dry ice blasting technology. Coulson machines are less expensive to operate, use 95% less water than traditional blasting methods, are safer to operate and are environmentally friendly.

Twice the Machine.  Why have more tools when you have one that does it all. Wet ice for when you need to get the job done and dry ice when you need to keep it dry.


Magneter Bethel is your West African Coulson Ice Blast distributor. Contact us today for more information on the Coulson Ice Blast systems.

There are so many different industrial blasting methods and applications. With Coulson Ice Blast, you can keep things simple! Get a bag of ice cubes from the local marina or gas station, toss them into your machine, point the nozzle at the surface you want to clean and pull the trigger. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

There are millions of different applications for the Coulson Ice Blast machine. To show you the versatility, we've broken them down into the five basic elements.

These are the 5 Elements to Clean: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.

picture of ice cubes in water

Reduce Your Operating  Cost

Reduce Your Operating Cost


By using real ice made from water, you can achieve not only a superior level of clean, but you will also significantly reduce your media costs by up to 60%.


Elegance Inside & Out

By using only the finest and strongest materials, IceStorm is engineered to last. We believe in our product and truly stand behind it with the longest warranty in the industry. In fact, our warranty is longer than other competing technologies by up to 75%. IceStorm has been designed and optimized for use in extreme environments and conditions to ensure you always get maximum performance.

Ice. Simply the Best!

Ice has extraordinary cleaning abilities like no other media. Ice is the only blast media that uses all three physical phases to advantage during blasting: its solid phase knocks off contaminants with maximum impulse, as well as scrubs the surface, its liquid phase dissolves and washes away ionic compounds, as well as helping to suppress dust, and its vapor phase evaporates, leaving behind minimal residue and dampness.

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